• 6 July 2021 •

Congratulations Eco-Runner Team Delft on breaking the world record distance for Hydrogen powered vehicle - a staggering 1195km non-stop, in yet another proof that highly efficient zero emission Hydrogen mobility is happening now! This beats the previous record of 1103km set by Toyota Mirai – no mean feat considering the Hydrogen tank in the Eco-Runner XI vehicle contains 12 times less fuel than that of the Toyota Mirai.

In this record attempt, 10 different drivers took turn at the wheels, maintaining an average speed of 38km/h. The entire 36 hours non-stop run is powered by Spectronik custom developed Protium-375 fuel cell, further demonstrating our system's consistent performance and reliability. We are proud to have made a small contribution to this success.

Learn more about the Eco-Runner Team Delft here

Photo credit: Eco-Runner Team Delft